Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shawn: 9/25/08

SHAWN'S LUNCH 9-25-08: Chicken Wings, Joey's Pizza - Lynn Haven, FL

Chris is a very well qualified eater, but I think over time, you will find my eating skillz to be far superior. I live in Panama City Florida, a haven of luxury and sun. In this block, I put my chicken wings to the test. Joey's Pizza. Whatcha got?

Chris: 9/30/2008

Seeking a bit of redemption from yesterday's Bell-y ache, I struck out today in search of salad. This brought me to the Rainbow grocery store salad bar, a total bargain at $4.49 per pound. My salad - mixed greens, cheese, chicken, carrots, low fat ranch dressing - only set me back $2.83. Brought some hot sauce along, too. Good lunch.

Chris: 9/29/2008

When time runs out on the very idea of lunch, which happens more than I'd care to admit, I go for Taco Bell. This time I opted for my ol' standard: 2 bean burritos (no onion) and a freebie water. $2.18 was the total. Radically, my stomach didn't lapse into a fit of convulsions... As usual, no complaints with this meal.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Chris: 9/28/2008

After a weekend on da nord shore, you'd be foolish not to cruise thru Center City for a stop at My Burger. $5.45 will get you a cheeseburger & fries, and it's a tasty one...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chris: 9/25/2008

Today I ate at Snap Pizza on Johnson Ave in Minneapolis. Their lunch special is really hard to top -- 2 slices & a soda (or pop, if you prefer...) for $6 flat. A tight deal. A tight slice. This time I went for 1 pepp & 1 cheese, only because they were sold out of the very popular sausage option. I am very satisfied with my lunch today.