Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chris: 1/31/2009

OMG it was 40 degrees today!!! The snow was melting, there were puddles everywhere, and the sun was shining bright. Totally unreal. I hit the streets hard, tackling errands left and right & then cruised into my (somehwat) local branch of Buffalo Wings Wings for....wingz. Got a mixed batch of spicy garlic & mediums, and washed 'em down with a great-tasting diet coke. These things slowed me down a little bit (heavy, heavy) but they were awesome.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Chris: 1/30/2009

I was ruminating last nite & yesterday about how there's no great quickie salad place in town like the kinds I went to a lot back in NYC when DLB was but a glimmer in my (less-stigmatized) eye. I shared these thoughts with a few co-workers and the thought occured to make a run out to ye olde Panera Bread for some salads. I got this chicken concoction with mixed greens & stuff - pretty ace. Ate at work to maximize my productivity or some such thing.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Shawn: 01/29/09

This is gonna be the winner for best, weirdest lunch ever. I hit lunch late today, around 2:30...I didnt order anything from the drug reps, so instead of going out, I made due. What I came up with is a salad from Olive Garden with a Chic Fil A Sandwich cut up on top. What more do i need to say?

Chris: 1/29/2009

Last time I ate at Brasa I got pummeled with neg comments about my foto, my food & I think, my brains. Today's reaction should be more mellow for a whole host of reasons, least of which is the fact that I got an OK looking pic. Not to mention that this lunch looks AWESOME & tasted great, too. I ordered a pulled chicken sand w/ a side of beanz & rice. The sandwich is topped with some sorta pepper sauce & cabbage salad. The place uses all regional / organic stuffs. Ordered an unsweet tea (tho sweet arrived) to wash this thing down...

Shawn: 01/28/09

Today was a lot better. Hit the original Chic Fil A sandwich in my car as I was driving to the bank. Cant really complain. Diet Dr. Pepper is the ulitmate compliment to this wonderful creation. Investors take note - Chris and I love Chic Fil A.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chris: 1/28/2009

The Band Box is a rad little diner in a weird section of the Minneapolis DT zone called Elliot park. Way back before living here, I remember seeing the place from a car window during a visit & being intrigued... It's primarily a b'fast place, but they do have burgz as well. For some reason I thought to visit today & I'm super happy that I did. I order two or their small "mini-burgers" with cheeze & a halfsy side order of american (AKA home) fries. An utterly unreal, delish & happiness-enducing lunch. Drank a coupla cups o' coffee (which is extraordinary, btw) to wash this feast down the pipe... Right on...

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shawn: 01/27/09

I can honestly tell you that I had no lunch today, for the first time
in probably 5 years. I rank today as one of the worst professional
days in my life, and use this blog entry as a personal monument to the
severity of the day. Thank god I have the steelers to look forward to

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Chris: 1/27/2009

Made this sucker with my own two hands... Brought some groceries in from home & stopped by the store this a.m. for other ingredients (lettuce, turkey). What it is: a KILLER (garlic & rosemary roasted) turkey sand on sourdough with some lettuce, swiss cheeze & mustardaonaise/mayostard. Lightly toasted, of course, to let the cheese melt. As I told a co-worker, I can't cook much but I can make a mean turkey sandwich. Back to work!

Chris: 1/26/2009

Woke up with a hankerin' towards something fried, and so when lunchtime rolled around I hit the P.O. & righteously hit Raising Cane's for some chicken fingerz. Their fries are kinda wack, but everything else is delish - killer fingerz, toast, & sauce (Guthrie's would be proud). Thankfully this was remarkably NOT greasy AT ALL, so in addition to a tasty lunch I had an afternoon free of indegestion.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Shawn: 1/26/09

I know you must think I'm lying but once again I hit the turkey burg
from Fridays. Yea, same pic but, pretty much the same lunch today. I
have eaten this meal 3 out of the last 7 days - that's sad

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chris: 1/25/2009

SHAKY SHAKY. Ah well, I didn't realize my photo was blurry til I got home hrs after consuming today's lunch. Went to the Triple Rick Social Club for brunch today, in lieu of a visit to Roadrunner Recs (where I learned a grip of good used records where on the racks). Since it was just me & my paper, I sat at the bar. Drank coffee and water & ate the Mother Trucker, which is their fried potatoes topped with grilled onions/peppers and cheese. This behemoth is usually topped with eggs (yr style), but since I don't touch those things I subbed tofu scramble with veggie sausage. Toast on the side, too. Good times, great food - even if it did take a while to actually drop in front of my face.

Chris: 1/24/2009

Following a morning / early afternoon filled with errands like a trip to the police station, buying groceries & returning my loaner car, I couldn't help but feel compelled to treat myself to some deliciousness for lunch. Didn't make it out to lunch till nearly 2, but make it I did... Went to Ngon & ordered the Bun Ga - a rice vermicelli salad topped with grilled chicken, peanuts, carrots & fish sauce. A bargain & most righteous.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shawn: 01/24/08

Chic Fil A is just so awesome. As awesome as Rachel Getting Married
and Miss America - actually, better. This is what I did today. I also
cleaned out a fireplace - have you ever done this??! That is the most
impossible task on earth! Peace out.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Chris: 1/23/2009

As an attempt to right some greasy lunch excursions from the past week + (mostly the frenchie fries), I though I'd down a big ol' salad today. Had to do some post officing, so it made sense to cruise thru Urban Harvest for some of the leafy / crunchy green stuff. Sitting amongst the throngs of "fancy" ladies always makes me wanna chow as quick as possible, which is what I did today... Had to get outta there. Weird scene. Cool lunch, tho, I was into it...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Shawn: 1/22/09

Fridays has a pretty awesome turkey burger I don't give a fuck if you
don't believe me. It's no Indian buffet but I once watched a 20/20
that took temperature readings of foods in buffet lines and the
results were substandard

Chris: 1/22/2009

Bummer lunch week, can't get motivated... I did have the thought today, tho, to finally check out the local chain La Casita, figuring they'd have some righteous lunch menu. It's totally gringo style, but that's OK. Went with the enchilada lunch plate w/ rice n beanz on the side of the plate... This was pretty good, nothing astounding, but for some reason I didn't really feel satisfied. Maybe I'm over-Mexin'? Not sure. Tomorrow will be healthy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Shawn: 1/21/09

So I had two choices today: Beef O' Brady's or anywhere else... Well I
choose Subway, because nothing is worse than cold bar food. Had the
standard ham and turkey sub, no chips and a diet coke. I have come to
the realization that I am no match for chris in this lunch battle. He
will always win. I will try my best to bring you the most mediocre
pathetic sad lonely lunches that I can. At least during the week - my
competition is during the weekends.

Chris: 1/21/2009

So I'm back on track with my lunch posting at last. Even have some loaner wheels for the moment, which is great in every conceivable manner, especially when it comes to LUNCH. Had to go to the bank for the job, and since I was in the area thought I'd hit Holyland with force. Really had intentions to get some sort of rotisserie chicken combo, but after walking in & learning that the AYCE buffet was $4.99 today, my intentions vanished. Felt kinda silly to go for a buffet tody, since I had a big, killer breakfast this AM, but for a fiver I figured: "why not!?" Pictured on this round is a stewed chicken/basil dish, rice, hummus, pita, and the cutest lil' falafel nugz I've ever seen. Also req'd a side of their in-house hot sauce, which is essential for this jam. Riding high / bored at job.

Chris: 1/20/2009

Had a super late lunch cuz I had a late breakfast cuz I was watching some sort of historical event unfold live on TV. If this was a DAILY BREAKFAST BATTLE it woulda been no contest (not that lunch is any diff...) because breakfast went down at Birchwood Cafe, which is like the jam of jamz, perched in front of a massive flat panel TV set to CNN. But this is all about lunch, so... for lunch I cruised thru Uncle Frankys for a hot dog, but ended up getting a combo of hot dog + fries + drink because it was only $1 more. Took it to go; you'll see my stealthy gloved had holding this food to the camera, bu sadly you can't/won't see the freezing temps inside the car that I wanted this meal to save me from. Imagine if you can...

Chris: 1/19/2009

Oooh, Monday Monday. All the leaves are brown & the sky is grey. What can you do? Felt totally uninspired for this one... Headed north up Johnson Ave for a peice of decent 'za (I could only dream that it was actually Decent 'Za... you know...). Was actually slim pickinz, so pepp is what I got. They have all of these Trivia Pursuit cards, some of which were exclusive to Stars Wars. I studied as I chomped... Lame lunch. Bummer.

Chris: 1/18/2009

Went way on out to into the depths of chilly Bloomington, MN (mere miles from The Mall of America AKA The Mega Mall AKA M.O.A.) for this lunch conquest. Tucked inside a weird strip of random manufacturing facilities and empty buildings lie DA AFGHAN (actual name!), a nice little Afghani restaurant. As luck would have it, I ate in the same booth occupied by The Purple One about eleven yrs back. His exact order couldn't be replicated for sure, so I ordered a black tea & this chicken murgh dish with rice & veggies. Wished that the flavor would've had more to savor, but you know, it was pretty great anyhow.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Shawn: 1/19/09

Nothing makes a wendys meal more depressing than a shifty screaming
baby. God I hate kids today.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Chris: 1/17/2009

Whoa, I love burritos. What else is new? Thought it'd be rad to spend some of my final 24 hrs w/ rental car en route to & eating inside Pineda Tacos. Time well spent. I feel like I was just here, which I guess is kinda true... Got a nice big ol' burrito filled with carnitas, cheese, beans, rice, lettuce, sour cream, salsa, etc. Totally great & hours later, I feel no need to eat anything more...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Chris: 1/16/2009

Man... I had designs on making this a memorable car-centric lunch week & thus far it's not really swung that way. Someone brought in bagels for breakfast, so I really wasn't super hungry for lunch at all. But I was cold, so I headed around the corner for some chili at Urban Harvest (seriously - how stupid is that name?). It was pretty good, not too crazy, but not awful either. I want this week to be over already, SHEESH.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Shawn: 01/15/08

I ate the right half of this "heroic sub".

Shawn: 01/14/08

I ate the left half of this "heroic sub"

Chris: 1/15/2009

First off, I totally ate lunch yesterday. Really. I drove over to the university zone & went to (Raising) Cane's for some primo chicken fingers. Once there, I noticed that my phone pwr was off & then realized that my battery was dead. So no photo. But another day. We've got a lot happening at work today & my "joking" request for a lunch on the house was taken to heart, so here we are. We ordered from the Italian deli Marino's, and since this wasn't on my dime, I got some different / more expensive item. Went with the Italian Chicken Sand, with is a grilled chicken breast topped with melted mozzy cheese & red sauce on a hoagie. Nice. Came with imitation Ruffles (m'mm) and a cookie on the side.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Shawn: 01/13/08

I drank coffee and ate potato chips for's gonna be a bad

Chris: 1/13/2008

Lunch strategy for the week : to visit all of the places that I love to frequent that are also sorta far away while in possession of the Nissan Versa rental car. #1 on this list, easily, is India Palace, so yeah, that's where I went. Fantastic lunch. Their buffet is so great, too, because it's ever-evolving & always full of surprises. It's worth noting, too, that today was rumored to be the coldest of the year, and coldness brings out the carnal Indian desires from deep down inside. So I filled my plate twice & went back for some super-sweet rice pudding. Oh India Palace, if this is the end of the (lunch) line for us, it's been a good run....

Chris: 1/12/2009

Day late & a car short.... Actually, this day's lunch is being brought to you courtesy of Avis rent-a-car & the fab Nissan I have for a week. Didn't have a lot of time & the coldness outside was a crime, so I went over to Baja Sol to heat things UP. OK, so really, this place is not that great, and it's a little overpriced, but they do have a neverending chip / salsa station, which is kinda rad. As you can see here, I started with 4 salsa varieties : hot hot hot, hot, medium, and a hotty medium. I also ordered a burrito filled with some kinda chicken, black beanz, rice, cheese, lettuce & topped with sauce and some sorta drizzle. Well geez, I ain't gonna lie - this meal was actually pretty great (tho not as great as car ownership).

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chris: 1/11/2009

Big news of the day: my car got stolen. For real. It's been a bummer day since discovering its absence this a.m.. After getting a lift to the airport to rent a car for a week (big bummer $$), I thought I should drown my sorrows in a sublime greasy thing so I headed straight to The Nook. Got their version of the jucy lucy (sic) - known as the Juicy Nookie (notice the lame inclusion of the "i" in jucy) - and a side o' fries. Just a reminder of what a jucy lucy is: a killer burg cooked with cheese INSIDE the patty, which created a lava-like cheese gush with each bite. Washed it down with a massive diet coke as some football game or another played out on TV.

Shawn: 1/11/09

Publix sushi. Not that great today, but we forgot to eat lunch until 3
so... What can u do?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shawn: 1/10/09

These are nachos. I return from the grave with old Mexico. Tummy.
Yummy. My absence is due to 1. Work kicking the shit out of me 2.
Missing several lunches (as well as dinner, breakfast, etc) and 3.
Changing my diet to coffee and 100 calorie bags of cookies. I'm
turning into a complete freak.. But my return to solid foods is a
welcome change to my life, and I intend to eat the shit pit of some
thangs in the upcoming weeks.

Chris: 1/10/2009

My TCB Saturday thankfully allowed plenty of time of a TLC lunch. Focusing on the 'T' portion here, primarily, I popped up to the northern burb o' Roseville for some xtra tender roast beef, courtesy of Maverick's. The other time I ate here I tried the brisket; this time I went for the french dip. To my utter delight I discovered they have an ad hoc / DIY au jus station on premisses, so my mind expanded real wide before the food was in front of me. Got a side of horseradish just cuz and savored this mutha to the very last jus-soaked morsel. Totally delicious. Au huh.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Chris: 1/9/2009

This morn I woke up a bit early & made a really tasty-looking turkey sand with cheeze & lettuce and brought it in for lunchtime. Was really looking fwd to tasting, but all of those plans were postponed as soon as the owner waltzed in & said, "I brought in some lasagna leftover. Help yourself." It's been a long, long time since I ate some homemade lasag' so I jumped at the chance. Pretty tasty & meaty & cheezey. That turk sand might make an appearance Monday, or maybe it'll re-emerge as dinner. Either way, TGIF!

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Chris: 1/8/2009

I'D LIKE TO DEDICATE MY LUNCH TODAY TO MY FRIEND SHAWN!! I'm hoping that this meal of Chik-Fil-A - nugz, fries, sand - will awake him from his slumber / fast / absence, much like that fresh smell of Maxwell House he enjoys each & every morn. Yes, Chik-Fil-A; the personification of hope, desire, happiness. The greatest fast food substance on Earth (THERE I SAID IT), for which I endured an annoying drive over to the University, paid $4 to park, trekked up four flights of icy stairsteps, sat amongst a sea od co-eds, and raced back to jobtown to stay ahead o' the curve. Shawn, I did it for you buddy... And I also did it cuz

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Chris: 1/7/2009

After spending a large part of the morning talking about lunch / food with various co-workers, and after skipping dinner last night (see yesterday's lunch for hte reason why) I needed something quick & awesome. One of the ladies here was talking about Zakia Deli and that sealed the deal. I totally love their Wednesday spec. Got that today (Dave-Basha), with a side of spaghetti (!??!) and their ranch potatoes. This was fantastic as usual; I'm satiated and loving life.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Chris: 1/6/2009

Pineda Tacos has maybe the greatest burrito I've ever eaten. It rivals anything I've had in San Fran, San Diego, LA, and geez, even Florida!! It's an amazing, overflowing, barely-held-together culianry sculpture. It's the real deal. No one is really around at work today, so I figured I'd drive a wee bit farther for lunch today. I also tried something new here, a roasted pork burrito. YEOW! So good. Also inside: refried beans, rice, lettuce, grated cheese, grilled oaxaca cheese (the JAM), hot salsa, sour cream, cilantro and probably more I can't remember. This thing was so great that I ate it all in the blink of an eye. So so so good.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Shawn: 1/5/09

Thai bistro

Chris: 1/5/2009

Had a ltd time for lunch today following a lengthy post office visit. Thankfully just around the corner from the P.O. lies Marino's Deli, which is exactly where I stopped. Got a sammie for a co-worker as well, but mine (here) was a turkey & swiss on a hoagie roll with lett, mayo, must. Nice imitation ridge chipz on the side. Followed this thing up with a slice of carrot cake, leftover from a Friday b-day celebration & a cup o' coffee.

Chris: 1/4/2009

Dang, forgot to post this one... Sunday I woke up inna daze / haze after sleeping intermittantly thru the night. The first thought was to fix this thai thing I bought at the store, only to realize it wasn't in the cupboard (at work maybe?). Then I thought of heading down the hill to my fave thai jam for some salty diet coke & pad thai, but that's a fairly expensive lunch. Thought three won out - hit Grumpy's for a grilled buffalo chicken sando w/ tater tot side. This allowed me to catch up on FOOTBALL as well. The season's almost over & I thought it's as good a time as any to watch my first game. This sandwich is pretty amazing & the wing sauce was way hotter than I remembered. Totally delic'. Go Vikes (go home?) !!!!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Shawn: 1/4/08

George's - Rosemary Beach, FL. Last day of the vacation... Got the
fish tacos, Katherine got a grouper sandwich that's famous....tripple


Pizza by the sea. So good we went back!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Chris: 1/3/2009

We're gonna get snow / ice today, and I woke with a feeling of urgency in regards to LUNCH. Didn't wanna get caught out out in that junk & on the flipside didn't want to spend the day inside my apt. Timed this one pretty well... Went to Seward Cafe and got the always unreal super red bean earth (hashbrowns w/ onions, cheeze, pinto beans, tomatoes). Washed it down with aqua and coffee. So so def....initely delicious.


Pizza by the sea. All time most awesome

Friday, January 02, 2009

Chris: 1/2/2009

Aw yeah, back 2 da grinde. Got piles of work on my shoulders thanks to the holidays & my vacay, so I could think of nothing better than to vacate the premises for some culinary action. After mailing a bunch of stuff I hit Urban Harvest for a chicken caesar salad. Got a hot tea and water & chilled in the sun. Good times / good lunch.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Chris: 1/1/2009

Today's lunch happened late cuz breakfast happened late (cuz I stayed up late & stuff). Had this delic' kid style meal: speg & meatballs with some salad (not pictured) and a few pieces of cheezy garlic bread. Afterwards, cake was consumed. A righteous way to start '09 brothers and sisters...

Shawn: 1/1/09

Cuban, salad, shrimp bisque - bud n alleys, seaside fl