Saturday, February 28, 2009

Chris: 2/27/2009

So here I am, back in New York land, ready to eat lunch.  I gotta keep dis brief cuz I gotta takea brunch bus, so here goes...  Met up with potent lunchers Dan & Heidi for a sando adventure to Red Hook, to visit DEFONTE'S (est. 1921).  This place is on a bombed out block in a gross green building & they serve the ultimate sandwiches for all time.  Mine was an eggplant parm topped with HAM and SWISS.  Yes - it's like two sandwiches on the same loaf!  As we walked in they told us we were getting the last three bread pieces & so duh, this one was fate.  Totally awesome.  As was munching this in the park...

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chris: 2/26/2009

As soon as snowfall exceeds 5 inches, my lunch planz go from ambitious to zero ambition. Hence: Jimmy John's. Sure it's OK, but I mean, its never exactly a first choice (or it shouldn't be anyway). This is a nice turkey sand with the fixin', complimented ably by a gigantor diet coke. FULL DISCLOSURE: I will be in NYC for a few days, so expect extra rad lunches...

Shawn: 2/25/09

This is O'Charlies - a restaurant that for a long time, i banned due to their lack of healthy food..However, upon researching it yesterday, i found a way to get something that wasnt 5000 calories..Hit the pick and choose menu and got the grilled chicken, broccoli, and baked potatoe. Pay no attention to the cups of butter.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chris: 2/25/2009

My morning meeting malaise left me grasping for a good lunch idea, at which point I recalled that yesterday I brought all the ingredients for a totally YUM turkey sand. Lunch problem solved. Whipped up a turk, swiss, lettuce sandwich & even had some (sorta crushed) blue chips on the side. Right on. Wish I hadn't made this sorta, since it's so so so nice out, but y'know, whatever...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chris: 2/24/2009

Back on track / back in action. My cell phone cam is working like never before, and my lunching outlook is on cloud 9. Attempted a Mpls lunch JUGGGGGULAR today with a trip to Chik-fil-A, but after getting to campus & finding no parking space, I quickly regrouped, wiped the tears from my eyes & made a b-line to Cane's for a chicken finger basket. And I'm really glad I did - this RULED. These fingerz are delicately fried, the toast is s warm & unreal & the fries are....OK. But overall: WOW! I love lunch!

Shawn: 2/24/09

Hit the New Orleans Capt'n's Platter at Schooners today. Fried
everything. Can't beat that.

Chris: 2/23/2009

CELL PHONE CAM PIC ISSUES: RESOLVED!!!!! No lunch on Sunday cuz I spent alla my $$ retrieving my impounded car (HUGE bummer), so Monday offered the chance at a fresh start.... And with this start I chose: a frozen pizza (!?). Eh, well, it was a pretty delicious fro za, for starters. Also, I was swamped with misc work tasks and didn't have much time / energy for anything else. You'll notice that I cut the thing into party style slices, which is alwayz cool. In addition: I fixed my cell phone probs!! Ask me about it sometime...

Chris: 2/21/2009

CELL PHONE CAM PIC ISSUES: DAY 4! Skipped b'fast (normal) & hit the great outdoors on Saturday for some sunshine and rain, jo-y-y-y & pain. Or rather, I took a stack of budget LPs to a rec store to make room for some recently choice jamz. Suddenly in the early afternoon I felt a wave of nausean / need for eating & pulled into the nearest neighborhood Chipotle for a bellyfull. The dude in line ahead of me went with the steak burrito, so I figured, eh, why not... My first steak burrito! Not bad! Will prob not order it again, tho!!!

Chris: 2/20/2009

CELL PHONE CAM PIC ISSUES: DAY 3! As an attempt to thwart an otherwise utterly unhealthy week o' dining, I opted for a lunch that was mostly GREEN. But since its me, I can't go full stop towards health; I got this chicken caesar salad to go & munched it at my desk. Pretty tasty, as is the norm...

Chris: 2/19/2009

CELL PHONE CAM PIC ISSUES: DAY 2! On this day I took an extended drive to the outer reaches of my "lunch zone" for one ab fab 'to. Burr-eee-to, that is. Got this roasted pork jam & had it stuft with rice, beanz, cilantro, lettuce, etc. Their Diet Pepsi was busted so I got good ol' H2O.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Shawn: 2/23/09

I still exist. Don't ever buy a house from 1934 - everything you know
will be over. Today I hit this radical sub from Cahalls. Yeah it was
mega good. I will be good with the blog this week - and I will kick
chris's food-ass!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chris: 2/18/2009

I'm having some cell phone cam issues - pls excuse the pixelz. I'm also having some hom hum lunch issues, and for that I can proffer no excuse. Just couldn't make up my mind today y'know, but I did want / need to get outside and so forth... Soooooo..... I went to Porky's & got a burger and fries. Not very good today. No awful - just not good. Whatever, there's always Thurs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Shawn: 2/17/09

#1 super sized. It was good. Can't beat that McDonalds feeling - and
how come you can eat this when it's obviously 5000 calories and be
hungry after you finish. This isn't just me - it's everyone. It was
still mega awesome

Chris: 2/17/2009

Itz Tuezday & I'm still deep inna pizza zone. My lunch was wrought with errands, though, so I had to choose a food option wisely. Luckily for me Snap Pizza is pretty close & pretty cheap & pretty tasty. I got their 2 slice / soda special & inhaled it all within mere minutes, while thumbing thru this new Fluxus book I got in the mail.

Chris: 2/16/2009

Back at J-O-B, workin' on a holiday. There weren't many others around for reasons ranging from this to that, so a few of us had the rigtheous thought of taking a lunch excursion. The trip was actually to this higher-end deli/wine shoppe, but thankfully for my pizza-focused self there was a Punch Pizza just across the way. I took this one to go. It's a Napoli style pie w/ sausage crumbles on the top. Since my Sunday night dinner was non-existant, you'll be interested to know that I ate this entire joker in one delicious sitting.

Chris: 2/15/2009

Nothing eases you back into a post-Valentine's existence like a really killer brunch. This one, from Key's Cafe, was kinda great, too... I got the Italian sausage hash, which in addition to some unreal sausage, featured grilled onions & green peppers, w/ a toasty side. The hashbrowns weren't as crispy as I'd like, but y'know, they were still pretty great. You'll also notice some serpentine bacon on my plate - yeah, I ate that, too. A good one.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Chris: 2/14/2009

Today's lunch didn't really happen cuz I had a booth at the quarterly Minneapolis Record Fair (lost in condo shadows)... No better way to spend Valentine's Day than with a bunch of record dudes. Not surprisingly, this thing was jam packed. And they did actually have food on premisis, but it was so busy that I didn't have the opportunity to run to & fro the food zone (burgz, friez, bratz, hot dogz - all available). And truthfully, I did have a chance to eat a hot dog (gross) & purchase 3 cans o' diet coke, which I hoped to fuel my thru the afternoon. But since it was so busy I didn't get to snap a hot dog pic before it got inhaled. I did take one pic, tho, of one of the few records I procured - a beautiful copy of the Satya Sai Maitreya Kali "Inca" LP, which only set me back $25 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Needless to say this thing made me lose my (food) blues. How was teh sale? I fair'd well!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Chris: 2/13/2009

Got taken out to lunch today by a lady at the bank we deal with at work, and apparently this lady is OBSESSED with Uncle Frankys. Could be worse, I suppose, tho I don't quite get how someone could experience full blown obsessed with a hot dog joint. N-E-Wayz, I was more than happy to have a freebie lunch, even if it meant I had to discuss the inner workings of our new credit card system. I ordered the Nordester (grilled turkey, cheese, onions) as a combo (w/ fry / drink) & enjoyed myself quite a bit, thx.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Shawn: 02/12/09

This is the saddest little lunch I've eaten in a long time...however, i enjoyed every bite of it. Hit the 3 Cheese Lean Cuisine, an apple, an individual popcorn, and a diet coke. I eat like a girl. Girls eat good. This good I liked.

Chris: 2/12/2009

My buddy Kirk died this morning after a battle with cancer & its residual effects. An email amongst friends was bumping around with the suggestion of having a milkshake in his honor today... He loved food (we shared a deep love of wingz) & loved milkshakes - having one with him in mind was a no brainer. The one place that came to mind was Snuffy's Malt Shoppe, a bit of a drive from my job, but not too terribly far. I ordered a vanilla shake, a small fry & a bison burger w/ cheddar and bacon. I miss you, buddy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shawn: 2/11/09

Today the drug rep came in with 30 sandwiches from schlotzkys
randomly, and we had to pick. This would make my sister really
jealous, because as a former manager of one, she's been jonsing for
it. Also, did I ever tell you that I spent my 21st birthday at
schlotKys ? And did I ever tell you that I love schlotzkys.

Shawn: 2/11/09

Yesterday - Red Elephant. It was my pick, and it was really good.
Killed the chicken sandwich. I love eating.

Chris: 2/11/2009

Hot on the heels of nausea day, I wanted nothing more than a little salad for lunch. So when the time I headed out in search... Unfortunately, my immediate salad options all had full parking lots / long lines. Plan B? Uh, I guess... Lee Ann Chin? I've eaten at this place only a few times and have never much liked it. Not that it's bad, but it certainly ain't great, either. So I got this entree w/ white rice & chiken (supposedly spicy) and a diet coke + fortune cookie. My fortune said something like "Your Dreams Are Coming True," or some such lie...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Chris: 2/10/2009

A wise man (Thomas Q. Harmon, esq.) once said : "soup is not a meal." And I'm inclined to agree, with the exception being during a time of sickness. Today is one of those days... Woke up with a wave of wicked nausea and have been fumbling thru the day since. When lunchtime rolled around this can o' soup at work seems the route to take... Its some new-to-me brand & it was OK, kinda bland. It's a chicken / black bean / veggie soup. It was warm. It filled me up. The end.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Chris: 2/9/2009

Today I was struggling to find my around a lunch meal, thanks in large part to: rain. Rain! Rain? Weird to see rain in the winter time here, but it was there & made the puddles bigger. So I was all twisted around & unsure and then thought to eat at Punch Pizza, which is so tasty and so close to work and also a place I've never been (for lunch). So I ordered myself a quattro formaggi (that four cheeze, dude) pie & a soda and perched in front of the window. Super tasty in every which way...

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Chris: 2/8/2009

Nothing satisfies after a long day of misc event tapping like a killer falafel. Holyland has just about hte best & for some reason, the dude behind the counter INSISTED that I take some extra ballz to go with my already-hearty sandwich. I'm not one to argue, so.... I took 'em. Soaked it all in hot sauce & washed it down with some diet pepsi. Righteous.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Chris: 2/7/2009

Today's lunch happened pretty late, thanks to a medium-sized popcorn I ate whilst watching 'Wendy & Lucy' at the local cinema. Killer film, btw. But this lunch was out at a little get-together in Hopkins. And it should be said that this was a shared plate & that I actually only ate that dog on the far left; I'd never drizzle catsup on a dogg, ask Shawn - I consider that sacriledge. And it should also be said that 10 mins after eating this dog, I also ate a burger & a half. But back to this dog : it was great. Nice n' charred, just like I like it.

Shawn: 2/7/9

Hit up the local 5 guys today - probably the best chain in existance.
Got the standard cheeseburger with all the fixins and A-1 Steak Sauce.
Man it was good

Friday, February 06, 2009

Chris: 2/6/2009

Feeling totally sleep deprived & maybe a little hungover, I opted for a sure thing cure-all : a burrito. The closest non-TB option just so happens to be Baja Sol, which isn't great, but still better than some frozen thing. Mine had marinated chicken, beans, rice, etc inside. Tasted pretty right-on. Opted for the mammoth Diet Coke for extra sodium / caffeine. And of course I couldn't pass up the salsa / chip bar... Another thrilling lunch battle vicory for yrs truly....

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Shawn: 2/10/09

When it's free, it's good. Even if it's a Red Lobster seafood salad.
That's classy.

Chris: 2/5/2009

Been threatening to do so for a while, but today I went to St Martin's Table near the U for a lunching extravaganza. The place is run by volunteeers & is sponsored by a church. It's all vegetarian, there's a bookstore on sight, and I've been told that the food is totally killer. Today I can confirm: killer. I ordered a bowl of spicy potato/cheese soup (UH HUH), and a half "sandwich" with a spicy thai peanut spread & sprouts. Their sandos are actually just a piece of bread with stuff on it... sorta inna open face stylee. If all of this weren't enough, I ordered dessert, which was just as unreal as all the rest. Totally awesome, wholeome, tasty day. Don't fret, tomorrow will probably feature something deep fried.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Shawn: 2/4/9

3 taco bell fresca chicken ranchero soft tacos really hit the spot
today, ruling. I still haven't forgiven my local tbell for breaking my
chillicheese burrido heart.....

Chris: 2/4/2009

Been on a weird nacho kick lately - not that you'd know, since it's been happening mostly at dinnertime. Thought of making them last night, but I opted for a burrito instead which left me with a ferocious craving today. I also happened to snoop around the Seward Cafe web site & saw that they sell 'em. I couldn't ignore the cosmic nature of this discovery & headed over there to partake. These chipz are topped with cheese, scallions, pinto beans, tomatoes & had some sour cream / salsa on the side. Washed down with a two fisted attack of water and herbal tea. Uh huh!

Shawn: 02/04/09

I'm still here! I still exist! Today hit up the wonderful Red Elephant restaurant of Lynn Haven Florida. Its one of 3 locally owned restaruants in my city of about 200... This salad is the best, i wish i could eat it everyday. Im trying to cut back, trying to get my 6 pack abs back, but its hard. Working in an office means awesome food is always around. Gotta stick to my guns,gotta do the right thing. Expect some Chic Fil A later today.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Chris: 2/3/2009

Like a glove or a new soft shoe, India Palace seems to fit me right. It is so cold today & I was so hungry, too (a very no breakfast day) that this seemed like the only option, really. I piled up 2 plates worth (!!) & got some rice pudding for dessert. Ordered a tea as well (not poctured) & read this Calder pamphlet from the Whitney. Totally amazing. My foe Shawn once said that buffets are gross cuz the food temp is real low (or something or another), but I gotta say that this food was piping WARM / totally rad & has set me straight until I can reasonably take a nap...

Monday, February 02, 2009

Chris: 2/2/2009

Blame it on fear or whatever, but for some reason it appears as though this lunch battle is once again a one-sided affair. Never mind, I'll continue to bring it in a full-force stylee regardless if my lunch foe choses to retaliate. Well, maybe starting tomorrow... Not to say that today's lunch didn't rule - it ruled - but it ain't flashy or nothin'. In fact I had the exact same thing sometime last week. I'm without a car today so I pieced this meal together, a turkey sand with lettuce mayo/must on sourdough. It's a fool proof meal if there ever was one. And tasty.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chris: 2/1/2009

Started out this new month by trying a new (to me) lunching locale : Z Pizza. It's in the suburb just to the north of me in a strip mail beside a nail salon. The pizza is pretty good - thin & crispy - even if it smelled of handsoap (!?). I went with the za/salad combo (caesar salad not pictured) & a diet coke. Read a bit of the NYT, ate this stuff, and hurried out into the seemingly tropic 30 degree temps.