Monday, March 23, 2009

Chris: 3/23/2009

Monday Monday. OK. Totally swamped at work, which is never nice, and I knew my lunch break would be filled high with tasks & errands, so when word spread about a burrito place that delivered in our zone, I naturally flipped & got on board with the office ordering.... Opted for the buffalo chicken burrito (!!??) (see yesterday's lunch for why I'm pumped about it), which came filled with all the usual things. Not enough sauce for my liking, but still this thing ruled.

Chris: 3/22/2009

I straight up ate some WANGZ.

Shawn: 3/21/09

Late posting of a late lunch. Ate at Boatyard on Panama City Beach
late, around 4, after a long half day at work. Hit the lobster BLT
sandwich with black beans and rice - not bad at all.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chris: 3/21/2009

Totally failed to eat much of anything real yesterday (see my Friday lunch pic for proof), and as such I awoke with a major hunger. After running errands & generally taking care of biz, I scooted off to get my hands on a serious burg. Went to the Nook, sat down right away, ordered, and watched as hoards of people started filing in to do the same as I. This is treating me alright...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Chris: 3/20/2009

Spent the mornin' munchin', and was faced with the following dillema in the early afternoon: what to do when the boss strolls into work with a 12 pk of Newcastle, some gin, some whiskey, and some meat / cheese / bread snax? My choice was clear - embrace the tastes as lunch. So I did. What you see here is Newcastle #1 (had another one after), some really rad salami, cheese and baguette bite.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chris: 3/19/2009

Last week, some ladies at work branded together with a shared dream: to host a potluck salad lunch at the office. A sign-up sheet was posted, emails (and reminders) were sent, and enthusiasm and anticipation ran wild. Today was sald day, and whoa, it was awesome. For the record, my contribution to the cause was a big ol' bag o' mixed greens and three cheese varieties. And, for hte record, I filled my plate / stomach twice. This one features some ham, turkey, some cheese varieties, carrots, onions, garbanzo beanz, and a totally killer homemade vinegarette. Might sound meager, but this was unreal. Wish I'd photographer the badass (healthy?) choco-zuccini cake that served as dessert.

Chris: 3/18/2009

A normal person would probably not eat pizza for lunch following a dinner o' pizza the night before, but.... well, I guess I'm not normal (?!). Didn't have a lot of time to be away from the office, so I scooted to this ol' za spot up the hill and settle down with a sausage slice, a diet coke and some light reading. Nothing gets a mind off job woes like a fine slice, I find.

Chris: 3/17/2009

Took a late one, and headed straight for Chipotle... Not sure why, but I think it had something to do with the need for some salty stuff. And their stuff is salty. Got a chicken burrito & a big ol' diet coke and sat inside and heard the same Cat Power song that I think I hear each and every time I eat Chipotle. Side note: my wrapper said "Mrs Brown, you've got a lovely burrito."

Shawn: 03/19/09

Rocked a classic turkey sandwich with regular chips and a big pickle -
I feel like I'm 10 years old. It ruled.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shawn: 03/17/09

This picture represents my meal on Tuesday, the 17th day of March in 2009. Hit a veggie sub at a local Italian Restaurant who's name escapes me. Not the best, but not the worst - actually, pretty decent. Not many veggies, but the kicker is this - black olives AND green olives! Interesting! I liked. Ate those peppers, loaded it with salt, and had no complaints.

Shawn: 03/16/09

This picture represents my lunch consumed on Tuesday, the 16th day of March in 2009. Hit my all time fav. TBelz, went a litte off the reservation, and tried some new thangs. First, hit the 7 Layer Nachos - a new item - which I higly recommend. Some dude flipped his shit when we were there because they forgot the guac. He made the kid behind the counter come out to look at the picture on the menu - what an asshole. His rudeness is now posted on this blog for the world to see. I dont know his name, but he was about 6 feet, weighed about 180 lbs, caucasian, had a goatee, oakley glasses, about 40, and lived in Panama City. Do you know him? That guy's an asshole. Anyways, also hit the bean burrido fresca style because, you know, I'm on a diet.

Shawn: 03/15/09

Now this is a meal I remember! This was eaten on Sunday, the 15th day of March in 2009. This was from a restaurant called Uncle Ernies in St Andrews - a bizarre subsection of Panama City with its own strange downtown area which has about 5 family friendly seafood restaurants, artisan shops and parks, a strip club, and a massive restaurant called the Shrimp Boat that can seat 400+. If you know Panama City, there is no reason for this at all. Now, back to my meal - I coulda gone with some fried seafood, but I had my body was calling for red meat, so i had to obey. This burger was phenomenal, topped off with a seafood gumbo and - not pictured - CHICKEN NACHOs, which were the best. Kat hit the crab cakes, which were awesome, but you cant douse that in A-1, so whats the point. I loved it.

Shawn: 03/11/09

Its been a tough week - so much so that i have neglected my one true love - THE DAILY LUNCH BATTLE. This picture represents my lunch from Thursday, the 11th day of March. Interesting notes of the day: paid bills, worked on the house, watched 30 Rock, did some other stuff. This meal looks like it was awesome, but I dont remember it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Chris: 3/16/2009

Wanna get the week started off right?? Then I suggest you visit yr neighborhood Italian deli to take advantage of their 24th anniversary festivities!!! In my case, the festivities include a FREE COOKIE (pizelle) with purchase. My purcahse was a hot Italiano beef sando w/ a side o' (zesty) marinara sauce (!!!) and some generic ridgez chipz. Totally radical.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chris: 3/15/2009

Why am I at work on a Sunday? Good q!! I'm here to use the copier for a huge print thing. My profound copier etiquette makes handling this volumous task on a weekday a downright deplorable act, so here I am... It's a few hrs past the lunch hour, but I hadn't eaten a scrap yet today & was fortunate enuff to find a can of Target brand chicken torilla soup in the pantry. The verdict: this stuff is pretty good, actually. I would eat it again for sure.

Chris: 3/14/2009

Things have really heated up here (not in the battle, which is obvs lopsided) in Mpls. Temps are floating around the 50s, the sun is out, and puddles are everywhere. I took this break in bleak as an chance to cruise around, run errands, and roll down my windows (if only for a sec). While dropping some things at a rec store I popped into Common Roots for some coffee & a bagel. They have the best bagels in town, hands down. This time I tried a onion bagel toasted w/ hummus and it was delightfully off the hook. Kept me runnin' for a while...

Chris: 3/13/2009

Haggard & hungover, I took the opportunity on this lunch outing to fully indulge in Fried Stuff. Sometimes its what you need, am I right?? Couldn't shake the thought of chicken fingerz from my mind, so here I am at Cane's for some of theirs... Parked at a busted meter so I took this to go. Fingerz, frenchie fries, toast, sauce, diet coke. This made me feel better for approx 10 mins.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Chris: 3/12/2009

Many moons ago I set out on a quest with my friend James for the 'elusive' philly cheesesteak. This sando would deliver on the full promise of the philly & it was decided that there was one out there... somewhere.... This chase was firmly in my mind when I ordered the philly cheeze today at Uncle Frankys. And after today's lunch I can say that the chase is still on. Oof.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chris: 3/11/2009

I am SO TIRED. Been making these comix for this record and in doing so, not sleeping. Rolled into work late today and had this lunch in tow. It's a fine spread from Zakia Deli - the dave-basha (stewed lamd w/ potatoes over rice), with a side of roasted red pepper hummus & some potatoes. This was the most radical pick-me-up I could've asked for, but now, hours later, I'm fading fast.... Can one have two lunches in a day?

Chris: 3/10/2009

Lunching in blizzardtowne can be a real chore. Slippery roads & racing vs. the clock can make things weird. Despite the oppression of "factorz" on me, I dared to venture into Dinkytown for a fast lunch. Got a spot in front of Potbelly Sandwich and figured....why not. Went with the soup/sand combo. Got a turkey on wheat w/ mayostard & their rad seasonings. The soup was aiiiight......kinda salty.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Shawn: 3/9/09

Okay this was gross. This was an applebees chicken chili something
salad. Just bite in to a red onion and you will experience what I just
went through.

Chris: 3/9/2009

Today's (daily) lunch companion & I busted a move over to Punch in NE Mpls to wage battle, and yo, we got dis. I can't believe it took me two years to finally eat at this place - it's so so good. Making up for lost time, we split a punch salad (mixed greenz, pine nuts, proscuitto, balsamic vin) and their standard napoli pie. Super super super super super good. Super good. Super. It's all even better when finisehd with a huge gooey cookie (not pictured).

Chris: 3/8/2009

Time change makes a mind derranged. So does drinking stuff on the nite before... There's just something about Thai sounds made me think it'd make headaches cease. But it didn't. This place (Taste o' da Thailand) was aiiight. Heard good thangz but it came off a lil' bland. Still pretty thai-t, tho!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Chris: 3/7/2009

Had a killer breakfast today, and then regrouped to run errands, mail stuff, so forth. After a bit of thrift shopping I find myself ridiculously close to Maverick's, so I opted to drop in for a bite. I think this is my third Maverick's lunch, and it was the best yet. I got the french dip - this time on a round bun - with fries and a soda. Those sauce cupz you see contain horseradish sauce (that one got oozed on the sandwich) and some kinda chipotle sauce (for fry dunkin). Their roast beef is super, super tender... and succulent... and awesome...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Chris: 3/6/2009

Late lunch today thanx to 1) being late to work; 2) eating a bagel upon arriving to work; 3) eating a big chocolate chip cookie after eating the bagel. So how does one possibly follow up those other delights? BIG AZZ BURRITO. This was decent. The amount of space it's taking up inside is fairly indecent tho!!!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Chris: 3/5/2009

Trying to eat somehting halfway decent on those dayz when I'm not so hungry. Sooooooo, I went to Urb Harv (that's how the urbans say it) for a salad, because, let's face it, these are the sald days are they not?! OK then. Pretty decent as usual. Nothing revolutionary, but thankfully not revolting either. Nice.

Shawn: 3/4/9

Hit the red elephant fiesta salad, and it hit me back. Tasty treats bro

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Chris: 3/4/2009

Sometimes almighty GOD shines down upon thee with lunch instructions & today was certainly one of those days... I was lead to Brasa, whereupon I indulged in a delicious meal consisting of the pulled chicken sand (topped with cabbage & a pepper sauce) w/ a side of black beans & yellow rice. This was completely awesome.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Chris: 3/3/2009

Back to the workaday grinde & the piles and piles have impeded my smilez, so I gotta combat this sitch with a lovely Indian buffet. I wasn't even really all that hungry, but I was hungry FOR this stuff, so I went. Killer as always. Plate 1 featured some beefy stuff, some fritter thangz & some veggie stuff. Hit the spot and helped me thru...

Monday, March 02, 2009

Chris: 3/2/2009

Here I am, back in MN. "The party's over." I landed & retrieved my car in a bona fide zombie state, hungry as a mutha after not eating for 14+ hrs, and could think of nothing more than a tight slice to set things right. Also, I remembered that I had no food at home. And again also, my grogginess would not accept anything that would take more than 2 secs to go from behind the counter to my mouth. So down the hill at Cossetta's I stopped, for a diet coke & quite massif pepp slice. Pretty righteous, actually. Time to nap.

Chris: 3/1/2009

A new month in an old towne : Brooklyn. As the sun rose on this new day, we took the time to reflect upon a good place to go for lunch, and the word Fiore was tossed about. This place was in Williamsburg, a neighb I have not traipsed around in years & this place was also pretty right on. Two for one mimosas? Check. Sweet coffee? Check. Nice menu? Check. Though my impulse was to order the speghetti (how cool would that have been!!????!?!?!), in the end I went with the lasagne bolognese, which satisfied my zones quite well. Wish I was re-eating this right now in fact.

Chris: 2/28/2009

So how do you start a long debaucherous day (following a long debaucherous nite) filled with batting cages, beers, burritos & my boyz (fellaz)? Easy! Go you to my favorite weekend dining locale circa 2005-2006 : ALMA. This place has killer food (still) & easily the best view of lower Manhattan. It's not nearly as crowded as it once was for whatever reason... I went with my ol' faithful, the chicken enchilada swimming in their new Mexican Chili Sauce. So so so so so so good. On the side is a plop of refried beans & their yummy cheeze-n-rice concoction. Not pictured (since they arrived late) is the side of bacon I consumed & the one rita on the rocks (there would be more of those with dinner). To reinforce: so so so so so so so so good.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


This is amazing - Lynn Haven's famous Red Elephant restaurant present
me with a lovely veggie wrap with corn chowder and boiled peanuts in a
tin can. That beats NYC, or at least competes with. Chris - hit a
Knicks game. See ya