Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shawn: 03/15/09

Now this is a meal I remember! This was eaten on Sunday, the 15th day of March in 2009. This was from a restaurant called Uncle Ernies in St Andrews - a bizarre subsection of Panama City with its own strange downtown area which has about 5 family friendly seafood restaurants, artisan shops and parks, a strip club, and a massive restaurant called the Shrimp Boat that can seat 400+. If you know Panama City, there is no reason for this at all. Now, back to my meal - I coulda gone with some fried seafood, but I had my body was calling for red meat, so i had to obey. This burger was phenomenal, topped off with a seafood gumbo and - not pictured - CHICKEN NACHOs, which were the best. Kat hit the crab cakes, which were awesome, but you cant douse that in A-1, so whats the point. I loved it.


Chris said...

Right on!!

me melodia said...

This is hilarious! Fun blog lunchers.