Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chris: 12/31/2008

As another thrilling year comes to a close, I've chosen to reflect fwd w/ my lunch selection today. My rezolution is to stop eating Taco Bell (for a while at least), which kinda morphed into: I'll no longer eat fast food. Not sure where fast-ish food will lie in the non-fast food eating scope, so before I make up my mind one way or the other I jammed Zantigo with extreme prejudice (I'm back in MN). Ordered a bean & cheeze burrito and a hot chilito, and both were awesome. Got a sour cream side for dippin' and a bottle of Cholula for dowsin'. This was a great, delicious, inexpensive lunch battle victory if there ever was one. SEE U NEXT YEAR !!!!

Chris: 12/30/2008

Whoa I'm a little late in posting... Me & Mom had designs to go have lunch at the farmer's mkt on the way to the airport, but after I ran errands in the morn (punk book co-op, art museum, etc) she decided to make this awesome spaghetti casserole that's a fave from my youth. It's sorta like lasagna (with loads o' cheese, meaty sauce) but with angel hair on the bottom. Pretty great as always.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Monday, December 29, 2008

Shawn: 12/29/08

From what I put my body through this past week, I will need a full de-tox from trash food (and drink). Today I started the week off right with a PubSub - Turkay with chips and a drink. It was major. Now if it could just cure headaches...

Chris: 12/29/2008

Been doing some physical sorta work today, cleaning in & around my Grandma's house. Before I make the final push & load up stuff to take to the landfill, I decided to eat some lunch... And when on this side of town, Garrett's is the best / only option for such a thing. Their burgz are pretty great (voted best in town again & again), but their fresh cut fries are the real gem here. Totally great.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Chris: 12/28/2008

Back in Pensacola & ready for more seafood. The really great seafood place (Chet's) was closed & in a pinch I decided that BBQ is a good substitute, so BBQ it was. Went to Smokey's & got a combo #1 - sliced turkey, sliced pork (both smoed), fries, texas toast. This was pretty amazing, tho their sauce is never as good as I wish it was.

Chris: 12/27/2008

Fri / Sat marked a return to the City of Dreams: Tallahassee, FL. The biggest & most formdable question on my mind was "where to eat lunch!?," cuz there are so many unreal options (Barnaby's, Los Compadres, Decent Pizza, Gordo's, MoMo's, Chubby's, etc). In the end I chose wisely by visiting Cabo's, whch is one of the best & one that gets lost in the lunch shuffle most times. I odered almost exactly what I used to get: a chicken & bean burrito with a side of fries w/ wine & cheese sauce for sipping (chips & salsa to start of course). This time tho I thought I'd be adventurous & get the burrito in ther "ultimate wat" style, which found it drenched with queso & salsa and topped with lettuce. Pretty right-on, but maybe not worth the addt'l $$.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chris: 12/26/2008

The drive to Schooner's was EPIC, thanx to fog & traffic, but I made it for this historic face-to-face lunch battle. This place was totally amazing. Got the blackened grouper basket, and it was unreal, as was the view of the beach, the waitress, and the imaginary blues band that should've been playing sad Corona jamz while we ate. My foe was as formidable as ever, but ultimately I think he made a great choice. (Oh yeah, we also shared some killer mozzy stix)

Shawn: 12/26/08

Scooners - panama city beach FL. got the blackened grouper basket, the
beat meal on the emerald coast. If we just stayed a couple more hours
we could have seen Latitude 29.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Chris: 12/25/2008

MERRY HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom is sick & has been, so there weren't a lot of dishes this xmastime meal day. The ham was killer as was the sweet potato souffle & of course, the rolls. I also ate tons of chocolate in various forms, so chex mix, beef jerey and other awesome snax.

Shawn: christmas 2008

I know this shouldn't count, but of corse I forgot to take a pic of
our Mexican Christmas celebration! Merry Christmas dudes

Chris: 12/24/2008

My 'lunch-in-FL' claim wa a bit presumptuous, it seems, tho clearly how would I have known that I'd miss my flght, get re-routed thru Atlanta & be left to rent a car one-way ($200+ !!!?) and drive to Pensacola?? ZI didn't plan it but that's what happened. Once on the interstate my eyes were peeled for one thing - Chik-Fil-A. This fine location was in Lakewood Heights, GA (I think). Got the combo #1 (chik sand, fry, drink) with some sauces on the side (ranch, buffalo, polynesian). Fab.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shawn: 12/23/08


What does not rule, however, is that MY local Taco Bell has sold the fuck out, and as of YESTERDAY stopped selling the ELUSIVE Chilli Chesse Burrito!! WHAT THE MOTHER FUCK!? And its the Christmas season, and they pull this shit. This will not die, my friends. I have my new mission in life - bring it back. BRING IT BACK TO ALL!

Chris: 12/23/2008

Yesterday & today makes a burrito two-fer. Yesterdayz was classy, today's is, uh... Went to Taco Bell cuz of a time crunch and got a cheesy bean & rice burrito (w/o tomato) and a large Diet Pepsi. Like the last few times I've dined there, my food today from TB was not that great. Fine, but not great. I think I'll swear off the Bell for 2009 -- keep me honest, blog! Tomorrow's lunch will take place in FL.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Chris: 12/22/2008

Hadn't been to Chipotle in a while, so here goes... Got a burrito, made smaller thanks to the near-elimination of rice, with carnitas (thanks for the suggestion, Singer!), hot salsa, sour cream, lettuce, cheese, black beans & that small dab o' rice I mentioned at the start of the sentence. Pretty killer, actually. Washed it down for a diet coke. It's still cold here (subzero dawgz) so I hoped to raise my own personal temp with this lunch. It pretty much did the trick. The FL countdown is in full effect mode - t-minus 2 days & counting...

Shawn: 12/21/08

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Chris: 12/21/2008

Anoth day of subzeroness, but you can't just sit around all day & listen to various David Kilgour projects (did that yesterday anyhow), so out I went... After a bargain matinee viewing of Wall-E I had this delicious bowl of chicken chili. It helped to warm my loins, which had been shivering for hours on end. Dependable, functionable, delish.

Shawn: 12/21/08

Joey's pizza - got a slice of cheese and a chicken parm sand. Words
cannot describe how good this was. I win.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Chris: 12/20/2008

The weather is wild n' woolly, with a wintry/snowy mix blanketing the town... Cuz of this it took me a while to actually get outta the house. The mere thought of hashbrowns was enough to get the flame under my ass going, and for this I went over to Pizza Luce. Theirs are about the best I've ever had, and they're usually pretty good about makin' em extra crispy. Got biscuits & gravy and some coffee as well... And water (duh). This was a stellar, lengthy lunch/brunch, actually. Good company, good food, good convo, good server. The road home after coulda been better, but what can you do? The city declared a snow emergency, so there's a good chance tomorrow's lunch will look similar somewhat (since I need to move my car by 8 AM).

Friday, December 19, 2008

Shawn: 12/19/08

Nothing like sunshine and wendys

Chris: 12/19/2008

I was really, seriously craving a salad today, but since I'm stuck doing the work of 3-4 people (depending on the moment), I couldn't stray far. But I needed to stray, to get a breather, so I ran around the corner to Urban Harvest & ordered a small chicken caesar salad. The one I had here last time was far superior, but this one hit the spot. Might continue with a dinnertime salad, who knowz?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chris: 12/18/2008

It's warmer out (nearly 20 degrees!!), my car is fixed, and hellz yeah I'm gonna travel for a cheap lunch... Headed straight for Holyland for a falafel sandwich (hold the tomatos, heavy on the hot sauce). Pretty amazing as usual. Got some hummos /pita on the side. I planned to eat this at the place, but my order got buried & after waiting 20+ minz I told them I needed it to go. Did they give me a free dessert for the hassle? YES! Victory tastes so sweet...

Shawn: 12/17/08

This pretty much represents what my lunch was yesterday -- coffee and
pretzels, maybe some gum. yum! I know you wish you had this.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chris: 12/17/2008

I'm stuck here at work carless today (it's in the shop getting pricey things fixed) & as such I was left to the whimz of my co-worker's lunch choices (didn't think to bring something from home) (I don't have much at home). Luck was on my side tho, since there was a run to Urban Harvest (sorta like last week). I went with their chicken chili, and I gotta say that it was very tasty. Sorta moderate flavor-wise, but yummy. I even got some cheese and sour cream as toppinz.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Shawn: 12/16/08

Jimbo's catering showed up at work totally awesome. BBQ
chicken, mashed potatoes, etc... Mild portion control..watching the

Chris: 12/16/2008

While my oppenent wallows in the FL sunshine, I continue to eat lunch, photograph it, and so forth in SUB ZERO TEMPS. That's not entirely true - I think I heard that we got up to +2 degrees today.
Anywayz, after buying some stamps I had the thought to jam some Taco Bell, but remembered how ill I felt last time I ate there, so went to uncle Franky's instead. I got this spicy hot link dog with a sqeeze o' mustard and fries on the side (the fries were wack but I still ate most of them). Back at work, I've been nibblin' on some 'crispers' - choco covered potato chipz.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Chris: 12/15/2008

As a general rule, I try to heed the advice of my friend biz kaj whenever possible. Today is easily the coldest day of the winter so far (projected high of -1, tho it's -4 I think right now...) & I had prepared to eat my soup at work and not step foot outside when I got the call (figurative & actual) to chow at my jam: India Palace. What a fantastic idea it was (tho the outdoor part was painful). Pictured is some beef vindaloo, a chicken / peas dish, basmati rice, naan & a lentil dish of some kind. This was exceptionally good considering I skipped breakfast to scrape ice & snow off of my car so that I may get to work in a somewha timely fashion. Rad, dude.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chris: 12/14/2008

Yesterday was lovely, today is a mess... There's ice everywhere & I'm scared to go anywhere or do anything. But I do need a haircut, sooooooo might as well eat some lunch. Cecil's is an awesome Jewish deli; everything I've had here was pretty great (last time, way back when, I got an amazing bagel dog). Today I got their deluxxx chick sand, which is a (massive) grilled chicken breast topped with BBQ sauce, some turkey (!?) n' melted cheese. Pretty great as you'd imagine... The fries? They were passable. Left here for haircuttown, but the line was too long so I dipped back home. And it's here I'll stay, bundled, for many hours to come.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shawn: 12/13/08

Tuscaloosa AL - Dreamland BBQ! Off the chain good. Ribs, slaw, mac n
cheese, sweet tea, etc. Can't go wrong at a place that serves white
bread and sauce as an appetizer...(but you can go wrong if you see the
movie The Day the Earth Stood Still - what a shit-tank!)

Chris: 12/13/2008

WHOA. Got a text this morning from my lunch foe Shawn stating "I'm gonna kill u at lunch today," so I knew I needed to lunch smart today. But where to go? I had to buy Momma a gift, but didn't wanna buy lunch in the food court. Where to go? A-ha: MAVERICK'S!!!! Maverick's is a real local treasure tucked inside a strip mall near the sprawling Rosedale Shopping Center and it's residual commercial zonez. The place serves all sorts of sandwiches, but their known for the roast beef. I ordered the brisket sand combo (w/ fries, drink) and it was unreal. The beef was succulent on its solitary own, but when sauced with horseradish & sweet BBQ, it was out of this world. I also got a side of some sorta chipotle glaze, which I dipped my fries into. Super, super, super good. Made the ensuing mall trip a lot easier to take...

Friday, December 12, 2008

Shawn: 12/12/08

Zoeys kitchen - chicken and slaw pita, pasta salad, lays chips, and

Shawn: 12/11/08

I did eat lunch yesterday, and today I am in my car traveling to
Tuscaloosa AL, so today is a bit delayed. Yesterday the drug rep got
us MOES. Got the retardly named "moo moo mr cow"... Fairly okay,
bordering on gross.

Chris: 12/12/2008

The 'za cloud is rainin'!!!! Since it's colder than anything ever outside, and because there aren't a lot of people in at work today, my higher-ups bought some pizza for the office. They ordered from Snap, which was coincidentally the locale of my Wednesday Lunch Battle victory. Not sure of everything that was on this one, but it definitely included sausage & pepp, and maybe more. Suuuuuper tasty. It's makin' me need more coffee...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chris: 12/11/2008

Ohhh yeah, went over to Marino's Deli today for lunch. It's been quite a while since I ate here, but man it's a great place - a nice lil Italian sub joint just up the road. It's with great shame that I admit to never actually trying any of their Italian specialties, but I really love this turkey sub they make... The clincher is the bread, but everything is tasty about this, really, all the way down to the generic Ruffles-like chips that come with it (soooo salty / yum). Took it to go & ate at work. It's so beyond cold today (FYI).

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shawn: 12/10/08

This has to be the hardest day of work I have ever experienced. Sad
thing is, it's only gonna get harder. Anyways, ate lunch with my
favorite drug rep, the guy who used to be on the Eagles, and that was
cool. Cahall's veggie. Dang good!

Chris: 12/10/2008

Post-PO, I bolted up to Snap for a lil lunch 'za spec (2 slices w/ soda - $6). Really only stopped here cuz I wanted to get some bread from the bakery that sits next door, and after the massive PO line, I didn't have much time... Pretty good pizza tho. Came back to work & there are treats galore - cookies, cakes, whathaveyous. Bluh.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shawn: 12/09/08

MMMMM! SONNYS IS GOOD DUDE. Had 1/2 Chicken with a baked potato and some green beans. GOODNESS. Beats yesterdays mess.

Chris: 12/9/2008

A co-worker announced a lunch run to Urban Harvest, and since I'm here in the thick of it I got in on the action. When she said they had the chicken tortilla soup, my decision of what to get was a no brainer. The ladies at work are obsessed with this stuff, which is pretty hilarious (even though it is really good). They talk & talk about how great it is, and then, like clockwork, complain about how spicey it is while their eating it. It's not that spicey, really, but it is good. There's a lotta stuff in it: chicken, cucumbers, black beans, peppers & some zesty stuff. Warmz me up right. Right on.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Chris: 12/8/2008

Ol' reliable!!! It's cold & I wanted a lot of food -- fast, so I jammed my jam of jamz, the India Palace lunch buffet. I love Indian food & there's is mighty nice, tasty, etc. I piled it up high on this, my 1st plate (#2 was spartan by comparison) (& #3 was my rice pudding dessert). Got Chicken Tikka Masala, some naan, Palak Paneer, some potato dish & thassaboutit. I am so totally stuffed - its unreal. Shoulda got some coffee to help me along; this grey sky is making me yearn for naptime. I win, Shawn loses.

Shawn: 12/08/08

Back to work after a long weekend..had to start the week out right with some tasty APPLEBEES. WHERE HAVE I GONE WITH MY LIFE? WHO EATS THIS?! me. the answer is me. Had the Weight Watchers Chicken Quesadilla, and if that isnt bad enough, I forgot to take a picture. So Google Image Search has led me to this picture of your run-of-the-mill Applebees somewhere in Iowa, Im sure there's some other loser eating this crap just like me, wondering why he even eats at all... Free food. Cant beat it.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Chris: 12/7/2008

It snowed a lot, and though I had designs to run a few errands today, the crummy roads kept me in check. As I ventured out to the thrift store to donate a box of stuff, I realized that it probably wasn't the best day for it & took a detour to lunch. Went over to The Nook in Saint Paul, which is home to the greatest hamburger in town. As it happens, its also home to the greatest chicken winz in town. These things were awesome. Its been a while since I last wing'd, and these offered the perfect comeback... Sundayitis is setting in, but it's made to be more manageable thanks to this radical lunch...

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Chris: 12/6/2008

Today has been kinda awesome so far. 1) I slept in. 2) I went to the record fair & found a few cheap LPs. 3) There's snow everywhere. 4) I went to MATT'S BAR for lunch! Matt's is home to the Jucy Lucy ("if it's spelled correctly you're eating the imitation"), which is a righteous burg with cheese stuffed inside prior to grillin'. Once cooked, the cheese flows forth like molten lava (some is pictured), and can maim the uninitiated. These things are unreal, seriously. So I got me a Jucy, a half order of fries (which was a huge basket) & a Diet Coke and chowed. Now I'm backed home & bundled, playing my new tunes. Weekendz are made of this...

Shawn: 12/5/08

Schooners in panama city beach.. Consittered the last local beach bar,
serving the best seafood I've had here. Today we got the grilled
grouper basket with fries and hushpuppies.. This was super fantastic,
I couldn't see chris beating this in a million years,

Friday, December 05, 2008

Chris: 12/5/2008

This is probably the most depressing photo I've ever taken for the lunch battle. But then again, the lunch itself is pretty depressing as well... In my defense, I didn't have a lot of time for lunch & 99% of the time I did have was spent on the phone discussing NEWZ, so here we are. Jimmy John's. Turkey/bacon sub with gross lettuce. Ate about half of it & stowed the rest away (still not much appetite). TGIF? Yeah, but in no part due to this lunch...

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Shawn: 12/4/08

GUESS WHAT I GOT TODAY?! chic fil a. Nobody can tell me they love it more... i love it. Chris, word up for the Grilldd Stuft, pretty good hand my friend. Good lunches by us today.

Chris: 12/4/2008

My energy is soooooo looooooow today. Probably getting sick again, which is a bummer. Ran errands of my break & jammed a righteous Grilled Stuft burrito (w/ chicken, w/o tomatoes) in between. Got a big ol' diet Pepsi as well. The afternoon since is a blur....spinning.....spinning.....

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Shawn: 12/3/08

Gotta give it up to Chris once again for braving another one of Dave's famous stews..Your a better man than I. Today hit up ol' Cahalls in Panama City with this lovely Muffeletta. I highly suggested it to some of my co-workers, who also ordered it, but they said it smelled like "a wet dog" and/or "an armpit". I ate the dang thing so fast I didnt even have time to smell it..Overall, a pretty bomb-ass lunch, i loved it. Chris sucks.

Chris: 12/3/2008

Didn't have much of a lunch today -- too busy at the workplace. Especially after retriving my mail at the ol' P.O.. So n-e-wayz I cruised over to Zakia Deli (my jam) near work for their Wednesday 'Dave-Basha' special. It's been a few weeks since I last sampled this thing, and guess what? It still rules. Got to talking with the owner as I was ordering, and he gave me 15% off since I work in the vacinity (more coupons headed to me via work, too). Pretty rad. So back to the meal: Dave-Basha is a ground beef & stewed potato/carrot dish in a savory broth, served over rice. On the side is an order of their delicious ranch potatoes, which is a tasty roasted potato/onion/pepper dish. For some reason they gave me a homemade bun as well, which might just re-emerged as part of tomorrow's lunch... Damn fiiiiiiiine.

SHAWN: 12/2/08

Chic Fil A is pure bliss...even when you have to make a hard left hand turn and almost die, its worth it.